Why did We choose that name?
DOMAA stands for DOMe of Acomplished Architects.

It is a design bureau of
DOMestic Advanced Architecture
by the best tradition created by
DOMestic Academic Architects
educated at the Belgrade University.
DOMe of Atractive Architecture
DOMe of Authentic Architecture
DOMe of Astral Architecture


Mario Jobst M.Arch

Miodrag Trpković M.Arch

Zoran Milovanović B.Sc.Econ


One company one team:
Strict monitoring of task execution and immaculate control are the basis of the business management, practice and strategies are initiatives which are in the function of profitabile growth.


We possess state of the art computer equipment for each employee, ,with high quality software for all kinds of design purposes. We develop and use systems which improve customer service, internal productivity and interaction at the market.


We plan to develop toward a modern architectural bureau in a line with international criteria, to be searching for support in specialised units or institutions for structures, utilities and technologies. We appraise our business results throughout comparasion with the planned goals..


Our company rest upon:
First rate working conditions, utilization of experience of large companies worldwide, high expertise, team work with remarkable sense of research, open to all kind of knowledge, thus creating an atmosphere of progress, healthy environment and fine human relations.


Company experience rest upon personal experience and references attained throughout previous work by:

Mario Jobst, M.Arch
Miodrag Trpković, M.Arch
Zoran Milovanović, B.Sc.Econ
Vera Jeftimijades, M.Arch
and our assistants.