December 2015

FILM in SERBIA – Serbia film Commission

Within the project FILM SCOUT (carried out by the Serbia Film Commission), buildings designed by DOMAA - Savograd (Block 20) in New Belgrade and the fully reconstructed Hotel Metropol Palace, were selected among the TOP LOCATIONS for shooting films in Serbia. The two buildings, which are the work of architects from DOMAA, were enlisted among the many significant buildings considered part of the architectural heritage, as well as among a number of locations representing the natural beauty of Serbia.

December 2015

New EUIC (EU Information Centre), Belgrade, Serbia

The project is in its final phase of construction and pre-opening. It is located in a residential building in Kralja Milana street No.7, in central Belgrade. After reconstruction, the EUIC will offer visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with EU programs, including organization of lectures, presentations, debates and panels, as well as screenings of videos and movies. The reconstruction of the existing facilities encompassed numerous adjustments in order to allow for the smooth functioning of the building, with the highest possible standards and meeting the demands of the users for which it is intended - the citizens of Serbia.

Novembar 2015

New EUIP (EU Information Point), Nis, Serbia

A new contract has been signed with the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia for a new EUIP in Nis. The final phase of development of the technical documentation is in progress for adaptation of the office space, which was provided by the city of Nis for the use of the EU Delegation in Serbia. The EUIP in Nis is the third after the one in Novi Sad, which has been completed and is in use, and the one in Belgrade which is in the final stages of construction and pre-opening. The process of adaptation of the existing office space in street Vožda Karađorđa in Nis will fully enable the functioning of the space in accordance with the planned regime and enable users to get acquainted with all the available resources and programs within the EU.

September 2015


DOMAA has developed the General project and Preliminary design for the new ski-lift station "Pancic’s peak" at Kopaonik. The cable car connects the station "Ski resort Kopaonik" and Pancic’s peak and is on the route of the existing ski lift – a four-seater. The project covers the lower cable car station (1720 m.a.s.l.) with new amenities and the upper station (1970 m.a.s.l.) with support facilities and a depot / garage for six-seaters, with hoods and seat heaters, which replace the existing four-seater. The General project included the evaluation of possible solutions and variants for the six-seater and a folding eight-seater, in line with the requirements and needs of the investor – the Ski Resorts of Serbia. Within the terms of reference, specific tasks have been defined and the technical and technological characteristics that need to be included in the architectural design and planning. The total length of the ski lift route is 1480m and the difference in altitude between the stations is 250m.

September 2015

UNIVEREXPORT – Ruma, Zvezdara, Zemun polje

The facilities for the retail chain UNIVEREXPORT in Ruma have been completed, within the framework of the Aviv Park at the southern gate of Belgrade and within the shopping center "IBC" in Zemun Polje. The spaces are modified in order to fully meet the customers needs and the criteria of design and branding, which is a significant benchmark on the local market of successful work policies and domestic business management.

December 2014


Restaurant SUGAR AND SPICE opened within the hotel Yugoslavia in New Belgrade by project of the architectural bureau DOMAA. The restaurant is designed upon standards of the world famous restaurant chains of this type with a specific business organization and distribution of products which sets it apart from the rich Belgrade restaurant offers. The building was opened in early November.


November 2014


DOMAA is currently in the final phase of preparation of project documentation for the restaurant chain INTERGALACTIC DINER in Belgrade         which is placed at the Dragoslava Jovanovica Street across the city parliament. In the meantime, preparation works are carried out for the implementation of the project on the site.

February 2014


In April of 2014 in Belgrade, a new city hotel ARGO opened.   Argo Hotel is located in the center of Belgrade across the from the palace Beogradjanka King Milana Street.   It was designed as a hotel that meets all the needs of demanding business clientele   and provides a pleasant stay in the interior, which is fully visual   open to the city rush and bustle but provides full spatial-visual and acoustic comfort.   The hotel is situated just a few minutes walk from all the vital local contents.

September 2013


The reconstruction of the entrance hall in the hotel JUGOSLAVIJA in New Belgrade is finished. The project is focused on the reconstruction of 380m2 interior existing space with the formation of a new conception of the organization of entrance hall. In this way there is an possibility for the forming of new facilities, restaurants Sugar and Spice, Intergalactic Diner restaurant as well as the reconstruction of existing ambient space hotel - Hall with crystal ceiling. All interventions included the area of the ground floor of the hotel, which had been waiting for many years to start reconstruction

December 2012


Hotel Metropol Palace in Belgrade, in Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra Street No.69, the most famous hotel of the former Yugoslavia, opened its doors for visitors. Originally opened for the first time in 1957. and regarded as one of the most luxurious hotel in the Balkans, after reconstruction, re-opened the doors to guests in September 2012.