New Belgrade, Serbia
Realized 2010
Neimar V a.d. , Kemoimpex a.d., Irva a.d.
54 600 m2
Savograd - logical spatial buckle

Savograd, the work of architects Mario Jobst and Miodrag Trpkovic (DOMAA), the location of Block 20 introduces the theme of the diagonal in a big way in Belgrade architecture. Savograd was created in an environment that vicinity, forms and materials impose the highest possible level solutions space, free surfaces using the best materials on the facade. In its 54.600m2 ground and basement floors, Savograd includes facilities designed for business and housing (office suites) are designed according to the conditions and with clear ground space which with footbridge connects business to business suites creating a market environment between objects intended for operations which then blends into something more intimate spaces around the building business suites. Ground level within business establishments and within the building with business suites are intended for business, trade, tourism and other cultural events. Commercial building, divided into two separate volumes stands out with its edges like a response crystalline structure of the Hyatt but clearly highlights the ambience of the whole gesture drawing the space within the block. This disposition allows flexibility in the organization of space and facilities, not only horizontally but also vertically. Savograd is distinguished by its precision in design and proportion in relation to the environment. It is a theme that frames the clear picture of the architectural considerations of space and a safe posture bet that indicates the quality of the engineering proceeding arising from experience and turned to the investor with maximum respect for the profession. The facility in Block 20 in New Belgrade opens eventually faded theme which was in the tradition of Belgrade's architecture and this is a graphysm topic . Careful drawing process leads to the solution of facade plans that are often alienistice creations and neo-modern, but above all carefully plotted morphology tripartite division of the facade plans exceptional graphysm softened position wreath which is actually a pause, somewhat structuralist manners, which anticipates lightweight construction behind them supervise the cut pieces of heaven.
Srdjan Gavrilovic dia.