Ski Resorts of Serbia - Ski lift „PANCIC'S PEAK“ reconstruction, Kopaonik, Serbia

Kopaonik, Serbia
General project and Preliminary design
Ski Resorts of Serbia

DOMAA has developed the General project and Preliminary design for the new ski-lift station "Pancic’s peak" at Kopaonik. The cable car connects the station "Ski resort Kopaonik" and Pancic’s peak and is on the route of the existing ski lift – a four-seater. The project covers the lower cable car station (1720 m.a.s.l.) with new amenities and the upper station (1970 m.a.s.l.) with support facilities and a depot / garage for six-seaters, with hoods and seat heaters, which replace the existing four-seater. The General project included the evaluation of possible solutions and variants for the six-seater and a folding eight-seater, in line with the requirements and needs of the investor – the Ski Resorts of Serbia. Within the terms of reference, specific tasks have been defined and the technical and technological characteristics that need to be included in the architectural design and planning. The total length of the ski lift route is 1480m and the difference in altitude between the stations is 250m.